FixDich will be sponsoring Mozart played Polo!

Focussing on SS/FG Bikes, they know what parts you need for your bikes, which is why we are happy to have them as Sponsor.
We will also be partying together on Saturday, FixDichs has its 3rd anniversary and we celebrate our first international Bikepolo Tournament in Austria.

Looking forward to a nice weekend



Bagaboo is supporting yet another polo tournament – Thanks!

Bagaboo is a Budapest based small workshop that is established 7 years before by an ex-bike messenger. Our main profile is to produce messenger bags and other accessories for bicycle messengers and everybody that is using a bicycle. We are offering a lot of colors and custom options, as well as custom designs on our products.
Bagaboo wurde vor 7 Jahren in Budapest von einem ehemaligen Fahrradkurier gegründet. Unser Hauptaugenmerk liegt in der Produktion von Messenger Bags und anderen Accessoires für Radboten und generell Radfahrer. Unsere Produkte können in einer Vielfalt von Farben, Erweiterungen sowie individuellen Designs bestellt werden.


Pepelnik & Karl Rechtsanwälte

Nach der Österreichischen Radbotenmeiterschaft sponsoren Pepelnik & Karl Rechtsanwälte nun auch Mozart played Polo.
Ob Pankahyttn, Tierschützer, Abfallberater oder eben Radler, Pepelnik & Karl ist DIE Kanzlei bei Rechtsfragen!



Abus sponsort Schlösser, Helme und eine Tasche – Vielen Dank!
Abus is sponsoring locks, helmets and a bag – Many Thanks!


Heavy Pedals

We are happy to anounce Heavy Pedals as sponsor of our tournament.

Heavy Pedals ist einerseits ein LastenradbotInnendienst, wir transportieren Güter bis 100kg, leise, schnell und abgasfrei innerhalb von Wien. Andererseits verkaufen wir auch die gängigsten Lastenradmodelle um Güter aller Art oder auch Kinder von A nach B zu transportieren.
Heavy Pedals is a cargobike courier service, operating in Vienna. We deliver goods up to 100kg. We are fast, flexible, quiet and emission free. We also sell the most common cargobikes to get your stuff or your kids from A to B.

Heavy Pedals

Heavy Pedals
Heavy Pedals – Facebook


Registration is closed – 30 teams for 12 spots!


Hey everyone,

Each send registration form was received. In total 30 teams from 10 countries registered a team. The first team from each of these 10 countries received a spot. The remaining 2 spots were given to the second fastest team from eastern europe (Krystalis) and western europe (Power Rangers).

Waiting List:
If a team drops out, the second fastest team from the same country will get in and so on. If there is no team from the same country in the waiting list, the overall fastest team in the waiting list will get that spot.

Unfortunately we are not able to welcome all of you in Vienna. But as we are looking forward to host more tournaments in the future (mid June!), you will have another chance to visit us.

See you soon,
Bikepolo Vienna