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Mozart played Polo – Vol. 1

Mozart played Polo – Vol. 1
Date: 27./28 April
ASKÖ Speedodrom
Auf der Schmelz 10
1150 Vienna
Teams: 18 (6 from Austria)


Vienna players have been fortunate enough to participate in both eastern
and western european tournaments and we would love to see more tournaments
where both sides get to meet each other. So, after 5 years of polo in
Vienna, we have finally decided to host our first international
tournament. We hope our central location will allow for a nice mix of
european teams.

5€/Night for up to 40 person just 5 min away from the court at a pathfinder dormitory!

Saturday: Swiss Round
Saturday: Double Elimination
Unlimited goals, 10 minute games. This way everyone gets a good amount precious court time.

Fee: Between 10€ and 15€ per player
Process: As our aim is to have a large diversity of european countries represented in this tournament, we will give each registered country at least one spot. If there are more countries than spots available, we will handle it “first come, first served”.
Registration for Mozart played Polo – Vol. 1 starts on Monday, Feb. 11th, at 14:00 CET on our WEBSITE:

For registration you will need:
Team name
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
E-Mail adress

Please fill out each field.
You have to name at least 2 players to register. If you lack a third player, please do write “to be anounced” for “Player 3″. (to avoid less typing by leaving the third field blank intentionally 😉 )